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Erand Technology helps you manage your company’s business on the Internet without you having to break the bank.  Erand Technology helps companies cut down the cost of hiring different professionals to handle various departments in a company or organization. Let us handle your business in the online space and we will save you the stress and money to hire a Web Administrator (Which will cost from 100k – 300k/month), Search Engine Optimization Specialist (Which will cost from 150k – 400k/month), Business Analyst (Which will cost 250k – 600k/month), Social media manager (Which will cost from 100k – 350/month), Graphics design (Which will cost 150k – 400k/month), Content research (100k – 300k/month), etc… When you sum all this up, you will discover how much Erands Technology will be saving you and your business every month.  

Business Standard Plan

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